Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I've been up to.

This has been a week of medical adventures. The doctor I went to was born, raised and educated in California. The dentist doesn't speak English, which would generally be fine, but my teeth are complicated and I needed to tell him their history. I didn't want the filling replaced before my trip because I was concerned I might have an abscess nerve in a country where I knew no one. He tried to assure me that the filling was a long way from the pulp. It didn't work. He did put a coating on the tooth which corrected the sensitivity. I'll pay him a visit when I get back. The x-ray, consultation and the coating cost $250 pesos.

I injured my shoulder when I took a hard fall in August and it still hasn't healed. The x-ray, a steroid shot, a perscription for an anti-inflamatory and two visits to the doctor's office cost me $500 pesos. Filling the perscription cost $40 pesos. However, so far no change in the condition of the tendon that is causing the pain. At least now I know not to exercise the arm.

I'm leaving early this evening for Chiapas, Guatemala and Belize. It will be a long trip, eleven hours to San Cristobal, Chiapas. I don't know if I'll be able to check into the hotel when I arrive mid-morning, but I'm quite sure they'll tuck my duffle bag away somewhere.

With all the lugguage I own, none worked for this trip. So I purchased a rather large duffle bag, larger than I need, I think. It cost $300 pesos. Hopefully I'll be able to carry it with my one good arm.

I'm gone for about six weeks and will be posting from time to time, but I'm not taking my computer and photos won't be posted until my return to Oaxaca.

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