Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here we are

Kindergarten class  at Oaxaca Street Child  Christmas 2009
Here we are at the Christmas concert. Izabela, the kindergarten children and me.

Onto another topic, my friend Jane Robinson held her monthly Jazz recital last Sunday at Casa Colonial, the beautiful boutique hotel she owns. Eighty people were in attendance and chairs were scarce.

When I arrived there were plenty of seats but people were saving them for their friends. This is annoying. I asked Jane what could be done, did I have to sit on the grass.

"No," she said. "Go into the diningroom and bring out two chairs. Others will also bring out chairs and there will be enough" And so I did. One of the chairs had a soft cushion, one did not. I took the one without the soft cushion. I asked someone if they could save it for me while I went to the bar for a glass of wine. "No," they said, because they needed two more chairs to save for their friends. Now, I think that was very rude.

I asked a kindly man if I could borrow his hat for a few minutes to save my seat. "No," he said. But I wouldn't take no for an answer. When I returned I placed his hat back on his head.

"That was awfully forward of you", he said.

"You were dealing with a desperate woman," I said.

"Tell me your name and all will be forgiven, he said.

"Oreen," I said.

"I'm Jim," he said. And we shook hands.

I overheard his conversation with his neighbours, apparently he had looked high and low for exactly the right hat and was very proud of his recent find.

"If I had known how important your hat was I wouldn't have insisted," I said.

He was a courtly gentleman who drew sketches of the Jazz trio and the people in attendence while others took photos.

I was most annoyed because I had my camera all ready to go, but accidently left it at home, and I so want to take photos of Jane's beautiful gardens and lovely hotel.

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