Monday, October 19, 2009

The Streets of Oaxaca

When I first came to Oaxaca I was reading the local news. I've stopped for now, grammar books and Easy Spanish Readers have replaced the newspaper for the time being.

I thought I read, which is precisely why I stopped reading the newspaper, that the people of Oaxaca were upset at the changes the governor was making to downtown, and were concerned they would lose their UNESCO heritage site status. (Generally when I was reading the newspaper I could get the gist, but missed the details)

My daily trip from where I live to the Oaxaca Street Children Centre takes me through the Zocalo, and all the construction. I noticed the replacing of the water main and sewerage pipes, that seemed like a good idea.

Last Friday evening, I took a stroll to the Zocalo with my friend Laura. Laura is a writer from D F who's been in Oaxaca since last November. "I like what they are doing to the streets," she said, as she pointed out that the street we were walking on.  They had completed Independencia.

Yesterday I walked down Hidalgo, a street I'd been avoiding because of the construction. It is now complete.

The city workers are busy replacing ordinary pavement with cobblestones. Looks pretty good when completed, but many parts of the downtown are a mess while the construction moves slowly forward. My guess is those cobblestones, each placed by hand, is pretty slow going.

On another topic, heavy rain the other day brought cooler weather, but I've just looked at the forecast for the next week, sun with cloud rather than thunder showers, I'm wondering if the rainy season is over?

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