Thursday, October 01, 2009

Riesling is a German wine - BUT

During the last year that I've lived in Mexico, it's been hit and miss when I've searched for this Baja California wine. I did ask once, I think it was in an Al Super super market in Chihuahua, when it would be in stock again. No one seemed to know.

It's a good inexpensive wine. I like Mescal, but I prefer white wine, and riesling is my favorite.

A week or two ago I found two bottles sitting on the area of the Chedraui super market where they stock Mexican wines. I thought about buying both bottles, but decided on one. Last night I found one bottle left. Likely, the one I didn't buy a week or two ago.

This wine may be a rare find because it is rarely purchased.

I raise my glass and toast the vineyard in Baja for creating this domestic reisling and say Danke Shoen.

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