Monday, October 05, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm tired, but I can't sleep and I'm thinking I'll never be able to speak Spanish. In fact I'm wondering how I ever learned English.

I've downloaded (is that a word?) Skype and called my son's landline. The reception was awful, plus it costs $0.27/minute. He downloaded Skype and we could hear each other somewhat better.

I'm on Facebook. It's a good way to see what my grand daughters are up to. My friend Susan found me on Facebook. Susan and I haven't spoken to one another for about thirty-five years.

The Triqui children I teach are in for a surprise tomorrow. I've created powerpoint presentations to go with the songs they like to sing. They think they are singing songs, but I'm hoping they will learn to count.

We've got 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, five little ducks who went swimming one day and five green and speckled frogs.

I'm going to a wedding on Saturday, tomorrow I must buy a gift. I won't know anyone at the wedding except the groom, his mother and sister. I'll have to speak Spanish, which I speak like a two year old.

I have a friend here in Oaxaca, apart from the family whose property I live on, she's a writer from Mexico City. We will be going to a free jazz concert one Saturday soon, and we will likely do coffee sometime too. She speaks English, but perhaps we should speak Spanish, which will limit our conversation.

I'm going to blog about October 2, a day the students march in the street.


Nancy said...

I know tech type things can be tricky but you may be able to use Yahoo Messenger or Windows Messenger to communicate by voice or webcam if you have it with family. It doesn't work so well Mac to PC but if you are both on the same platform it is great.

I enjoy your blog, take care.

Jan said...

I am loving your blog! I love the truthfulness and I think we can all relate to family "issues". I read some of your past blogs and your son sounds like a great guy. It's good to meet you. Check out my friend "1st Mate"s blog. Take care, Jan

DanaJ said...

and here's another woman loving your blog, from the east end of houston, where i speak spanish to survive.

Brenda said...

Hi. We use Yahoo Phone Out to communicate with family in Canada from where we live in Guaymas, Sonora.
Download Yahoo Messanger and then google "Yahoo Phone Out". It works really well and is cheaper than Skype. It costs us 1 cent per minute. You buy either 10 or 25 dollars worth of credit and it lasts forever at 1 cent per minute. Unfortunately calls within Mexico are a bit pricier at about 7 cents per minute which is still pretty cheap.
We have been using it for about 3 1/2 yrs. now and are happy with it.
You can get a phone in number with them also; but we never have as the number would be a USA number so our family would still be calling long distance. Price per month for phone in number is very reasonable, I think it is around 3 dollars a month.
We have also tried Skype and it worked well also but is a bit more expensive, around 2 cents per minute. I think that the reason you paid so much per minute was that you had your country set to Mexico when you called Canada. Next time you make a call, there is a place where you can set your country to Canada and then the call will be cheaper. It works, no problem.
You can phone computer to computer free of charge with either Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messanger,or Skype we do this also with some people.
Good luck, if you have any questions feel free to ask me.