Friday, October 09, 2009

Espanol - Ingles, Spanish - English

My brain is mixed up.

Today in Spanish class my instructor switched from Spanish to English. I understood his Spanish, but when he began speaking in English I didn't know what he was talking about, nor did I identify the language as English.

In the Zocalo I got into a very involved discussion with a vend0r selling embroidered blouses. She insisted on speaking English. I spoke Spanish.

English will always be my first language, the one I'm most comfortable with, but the language that surrounds me is Spanish and the words that fist come into my head more and more often are Spanish words.

I have a new roommate, a gecko. Geckos are well known in warm climates and are sometimes welcome guest because they eat mosquitoes. My first Gecko roommate I guided into the garden thinking he/she would be happier there. This gecko is too fast for me. So he/she remains a roommate.

Perhaps it's a house gecko, happier in the house than in the garden.

Next time we bump into one another I'll take a picture. He/She really is rather cute.

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