Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oaxaca Neighborhood Traffic Accident

The streets are narrow. Cars park, and sometimes double park, on the street. There aren't many traffic lights or stop signs. Cars seem to stop and go by a quasi gentlemen's agreement.

I don't know how many accidents there are, but I bet there are plenty.

I decided to buy this cute little one cup coffee maker that I saw in the supermarket for $118 pesos. As I walked in the direction of the supermarket I heard a loud crash. I turned around to see two vehicles had just collided.

People came running in all directions. The funniest thing was two women from a beauty shop. One of the women had half her hair in curlers (remember those things?), the other half dripping wet, and a plastic bib tied around her neck.

The traffic accident seemed to be the entertainment for the day in my neighborhood.

My neighborhood is very poor. The little shops are frequently not identified by anything, or sometimes what they are is scrawled on the side of the building with paint. The more prosperous businesses can afford signs.

Like all places in Mexico, where people live is mixed with small businesses. Sometimes where people live is alongside their business. We sometimes forget working from home is not a new tradition, but a very old one, During the day people open their doors, which open directly into the street, I look inside and see squalor. Dirty ragged sofas, disheveled beds, and plastic chairs. I think poverty is depressing.

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