Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fortress of Louisburg National Park

July 21

During the eighteenth century the French and the English fought over this land of plentiful fish. The English won. Halifax was built, and all that remained of Lousiburg were the foundations. With meticulous research and skill approximately 1/3 of the town was rebuilt during the 1960's. Miners who were laid off when the mines closed were retrained as carpenters, masons, tailors etc.

Not only French, but Scottish, English and Basque lived in Louisburg. The Basque are a people who are separatists, even today, neither Spanish nor French, but geographically inhabiting both countries, the Basque have their own culture and language.

I had a meal in one of the taverns. I chose the common persons tavern. The meal was an exact replica of a meal I would have had in this tavern in the 1700's. I ordered white wine, bread and bean soup and an almond tart. I was given one spoon, my only utensil, and a huge napkin to tie around my neck. The bean soup was sweetened with a sweet mustard. The almond tart was a little fatty. But, the meal was delicious.

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