Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kings Landing and Fredrickton, New Brunswick

July 18

Today is rainy, but eventually the sun will come out.

First stop, Kings Landing historical settlement, found within the St. John River Valley. It is a Canadian Historic site. King's Landing is a depiction of New Brunswick during the 1800's.

King's Landing was a buzz this day because of the pauper auction. One of the guides told me that in New Brunswick the practice of auctioning off paupers went on until the 1970s. But, the Canada East News Service report of the event that occurred today at Kings Landing states, "The practice last occurred in 1898 in Sussex.

Many years ago, when Parks Canada began it's practice of role play the guides did not do a very good job. I remember being singled out of the crowd at Lower Fort Garry, and the guide asking me if I had just come from Africa, in light of the type of hat I was wearing. I was very embarrassed.

However, today the guides seem to have mastered the art of playing a part, and yet being a guide at the same time. No longer am I expected to play along. Mrs. Jones and the little boy who lived on the farm were fine examples of well informed people seeming to live in the eighteenth century, yet able to converse with twenty-first century visitors at the same time.

I spent pretty much the full day at Kings Landing because there were so much to see.

By the end of the day it was sunny. I drove into downtown Fredrickton for the changing of the guard.

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