Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baddeck Cape Breton Nova Scotia

With the words "Mr Watson, come here, I need you," spoken from Alexander Graham Bell's laboratory in Boston the telephone was invented.

Bell was born in Scotland, with his family moved to London England then to Canada. He described himself first as foremost as a teacher of the deaf, and it was through his very successful work teaching the deaf to speak that got him a job at a school in Boston.

Because he had a home on Cape Breton's Baddeck, which is a beautiful spot, there is a federal historic site to commemorate Bell's Canadian roots.

Bell was a man of ideas, not all his ideas were good ideas, but he had the courage to sometimes be wrong. His favorite place was Baddeck because of its tranquility and beauty.

It is from Baddeck that I begin my travels on the Cabot Trail.

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