Monday, January 05, 2009

San Juan Del Rio

Since I wasn't particularly impressed with San Miguel, or the hotel I'd been booked into, I decided to drive down the road and check into whatever hotel I encountered that wasn't too run down.

The hotel I found had seen better days, that's for sure, but I did have a private bath and I got to spend the wee hours of the morning, I couldn't sleep, watching the biography channel. It was an interesting viewing because the voice over was Spanish, but the interviews were English.

San Juan Del Rio is small, but has a cultural centre and offers tourists the opportunity to visit local haciendas. And, according to my AAA travel book there are two haciendas that host guests.

As far as I'm concerned San Jan Del Rio is simply a little town on Routa 2010 winding through the mountains of central Mexico.

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