Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some of the sites around Chihuahua

I've been very busy putting together lesson plan upon lesson plan, writing midterms, marking midterms and generally trying to keep myself organized.  

However, just so that the faithful readers of this blog know that I'm still alive I'll give you a glimpse at some of the tourist sites in and around Chihuahua.

Nombre de Dios Cave is a crystal cave on the outskirts of Chihuahua.  The tour took, if memory serves correctly,  about an hour and a half.  

It's been raining a lot here in the desert over the last several months and the road to the cave was washed out, and so we traveled farther down the road.  The old dirt road over what may or may not be a bridge, it looked more like an aqueduct, served our purpose just fine.  When we were on the side of the river we needed to be on we traveled along a dirt road.  There was a horse and cart, children swimming in the water, and many people drove their cars into the river and washed the car.

The river was a festive place.

Teri, her sister Jewel and another teacher, Mark are in the photo

A must see for anyone visiting Chihuahua is Pauncho Villa's house, now maintained by the Mexican army.

Like any European city, and like all the cities of Mexico in Centro Historico there is a cathedral, along with Paucho's place a must see for any tourist likely on their way to somewhere else because Chihuahua is not considered to be a tourist town.

To my friends at the Winnipeg Free Press, I hope you are back at work soon.  On the other hand, I'm here to remind you there is life beyond the Free Press.  Albeit gets a little lonely somedays.  

To all my friends who kindly correspond, thanks so much for your emails and site comments.  

For those of you who I do not know, yet you are reading and receiving inspiration  from my adventures, I'm sorry I can't correspond with you beyond this blog.  But keep reading and I'll do my best to provide encouragement for your personal journey. 

Life isn't over when you're thirty, forty, fifty. . .yes even sixty.  It ain't over 'til the grim reaper comes a knockin'

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