Thursday, September 18, 2008

Taos, New Mexico

Taos is the home of many actors, musicians, writers, artists, and new age enthusiasts.

It is a small town that flourishes through tourism and winter skiing.

I paid a lot of money to take a tourist bus around town.  Never again!!  The tour guide was a well informed Viet Nam Vet who did a good job.  It was my traveling companions I didn't much care for, they were rich Americans whose lives are very different from my own.  I not only did not envy them; I didn't want to be like them either.  Ya know, the kind of people who say, "I'm from New York.  New York is the world's best city.  Nowhere else in the world is like, or as good as New York."

When I drove into Taos, my main purpose was to visit the Taos Pueblo,  the first building of significance that caught my eye was San Francisco de Asis Church.  Many quaint little shops typical of the South West adobe style surrounded the church.

I visited a typical 1800's hacienda.

Aspen fencing was used one-hundred years ago, and is use today as well.

My visit to Taos was very short.  Then it was onward to Santa Fe. 

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