Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico

Being a homeless wanderer who takes airplanes and rents cars can be very expensive.  So is having grandchildren. In August, I watched my money fly out of my bank account.

I"m a conservative spender who doesn't like spending more than is coming in, and so, I sent out a couple of feelers, just to see how easy it would to find a job in Mexico.  The university with the name Canada situated in the state of Oaxaca  sent an application after I applied, but that was it.

While I was in El Paso Texas, getting ready to take the bus into Mexico, a small private language school in Chihuahua offered me a job after a twenty minute telephone interview.  I crossed the border into Mexico September 8, as planned, and I was heading for Chihuahua as planned.  The only difference was now I had someone meeting me at the bus station, and a free place to stay if I wanted it.

I've been here for one week and five days, I had originally planned to be here for two days and move onto Creel, a few hours to the West.

I have a pot garden, a room of my own with a bathroom and I've made a few friends.  

So far I'm teaching three classes.  My favorite is at Deloitte where my students are lawyers and accountants.  The children I teach are well behaved and cute but it's heard to say "listen and repeat" over and over and make it interesting.  I added a chant, marching song that seemed to go over quite well.  My third class is the most challenging.  Few of my students are on time.  The school is full and noisy when I'm teaching, and my classroom is the direct route to the kitchen.  

The kitchen is where testing is done, and where school supplies are kept, as other school staff walk through they apologize, but still continue to interrupt my class.  Oh well, I'll adjust.

Because the pay here is pretty good after I finish my year's stint I plan to travel through Mexico for a few months.  By then I'll be somewhat fluent in Spanish.  

Anyway, I'm now an expat living and working in the country of Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua in the capital city of Chihuahua.  Juarez is much bigger but the maquilas are what makes this town, and to be successful the Spanish speaking population must learn English.

Today Cela, our housekeeper/cook took me downtown by bus to buy a cloth bag because every time I go to the store I feel very guilty using plastic bags.  The bus cost 4 pesos and 50 centavos, approximately 45 cents Canadian money.

At one point an elderly man got on the bus with a guitar.  He played and sang  then walked down the aisle for money.  I'm wondering if he paid to get on the bus, if so the ride may not have been profitable.

The photos are of Chihuahua decorated for Independence Day, which was September 16.

Heath, one of the other teachers invited us to his church.  I took him up on the offer.  It was a great time with music, food and competitive mechanical bull riding.  After the party we went up on a hill to watch the fireworks.

Viva Mexico.


Lin said...

That's some church!

Judy (FP) said...

Sounds like you're doing exactly what you set out to do. Congratulations & keep on going!