Thursday, April 21, 2005

East Indian Food - I Eat Therefore I Cycle

My friend Debbie Thompson and I went out to lunch yesterday. I didn’t know East Indian food could be so delicious, and inexpensive too. Did you know Indian cuisine includes loads of exquisite desserts? I didn’t.

I weighed in at Weight Watchers after work. I’d gained a pound.

When it comes to computers and computer applications, Debbie’s a genius. When it comes to marketing, I know my stuff. The meal was marvellous and the conversation was continual, we had lots to discuss. We vowed to go out to lunch again soon.

Debbie is one of those hard-working gals who is needed every second of the day. Our spicy lunch was short.

My biking clothes took their maiden journey last evening. I do wish I had spent the extra cash for a hitch for my car. The, bike rack with straps does not fit well on the back of my Hyundai Accent GSI, and it’s scratching the paint.

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