Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Fat women need love too

Recently I’ve been advocating on behalf of women who are - dare I use the "f" word? - yes I dare - fat. Fat was a good thing. Fat was nutrition to tide us over during the times when food was hard to come by. Our fat female ancestors survived famines while our skinny female ancestors died off. It was survival of the fattest. The way I see it, the fat gene was passed down throughout the millenniums, and the skinny gene went the way of the dodo bird.

Nowadays, those of us fortune enough to live in lands of plenty, never experience famine. As we constantly feast, our fat cells betray us. No longer our friend, the fat cell has become our enemy. An enemy that must be fought, at all costs.

Men don’t have these extra fat cells. Yes, I know. There are plenty of fat men around. But, diet with a fat man, watch his fat fall off his body while your fat sticks to you. Why do women have more fat cells than men? It’s simple. We need to survive. Mother nature is wise, she knows few men are needed to propagate the species. Who cares if a thousand men die off, as long as a few young bucks survive, humankind would forage on.

Now here’s the rub. A man can lose those extra pounds a helluva lot easier than a woman. Yet, a majority of us single women will accept those extra pounds on a man. Meanwhile, a woman who carries pounds of fat that she struggles to get rid of also struggles to find love.

Take it from me, a size "0" woman, a lifetime member of weight watchers, and advocate on behalf of my fat sisters. Life ain’t fair.

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